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Share Smokey Bear’s Five Rules for Wildfire Prevention! It’s easy – simply integrate this exciting, hands-on program into your existing curriculum.

Once complete, students will be able to apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts. Students will be able to adjust their use of spoken, written, and visual language (e.g., conventions, style, vocabulary) to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes.

Students will learn about organisms and environments, distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans, and learn about personal health and changes in environments. Students will also work on their skills of being able to examine changes in the relationship between people, places, and environments and developing a personal identity in the context of families, peers, schools, and communities.

Smokey Bear & Friends Educational Components

The Educator’s Guide, Activity Book, and Video comprise the complete set of Smokey Bear & Friends classroom materials.

Complete K-2 Educator’s Guide

Includes Dot-to-Dot Poster and Partner Certificate.

Color PDF (8 pages) | B&W PDF (8 pages)

Smokey Bear Activity Book

Includes Smokey’s Story and Stick Puppets/Stage.

Color PDF (8 pages) | B&W PDF (8 pages)


A Day in the Forest with Smokey Bear.

English (MPEG, 91MB) | Spanish (MPEG, 91MB)

Individual Activities

You may also download the activities separately and print multiple copies for your students.

Dot-to-Dot Mini Poster

Color PDF (1 page) | B&W PDF (1 page)

Smokey Bear’s Partner Certificate

Color PDF (1 page) | B&W PDF (1 page)

Smokey’s Story

Color PDF (4 pages) | B&W PDF (4 pages)

Smokey’s Story Mini-book

Color PDF (1 page) | B&W PDF (1 page)

Smokey Bear & Friends Stick Puppets/Stage

Color PDF (3 pages) | B&W PDF (3 pages)

Smokey Activity Guide

Please note that some pieces are more advanced, but word searches and other items are appropriate for elementary age children.

B&W PDF (4 pages)

More Smokey Education Materials and Resources

Smokey Patrol Book

Outline for wildfire lesson plans. Targeted to grade 5, but can be tailored to meet your students’ needs.

Color PDF (4 pages)

Wildland Fire Communicator’s Guide

Educate yourself with this detailed & deeply informative guide on the science and ecology of wildfires. Published by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.


More Smokey Education Materials and Resources for Purchase

Visit the US Forest Service National Symbols Cache to purchase Smokey Bear wildfire prevention materials for your classroom. The site also contains Woodsy Owl conservation education materials.

National Symbols Cache

Additional wildfire prevention educational materials and products are available in the National Association of State Foresters store.

National Association of State Foresters